The office

Les Notaires du Quai Voltaire – LNQV – is in the tradition of the oldest notaire offices in Paris: we have knowledge of our predecessors since 1587!

Composed of 11 notaires, including three partners and more than forty employees who are qualified notaires and trainee notaires, the office is structured into various specialised departments.

Each department is led by an experienced manager:

For Companies:
– Investments and real estate financing
– Urban planning and development operations by private and public actors
– Patronage and philanthropy

For Individuals :
– Family and Property Law
– Real estate law for private individuals
–  Promotion of private individuals and housing

LNQV has established a partnership with several notaires offices in France: Lyon, Bordeaux, Reims and Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Resolutely turned towards the international, LNQV has several foreign lawyers composing with the French collaborators, a polyglot team: English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Serbian and   Russian.

The firm’s experience in major transactions and real estate investments is one of its major assets, both with German investors, accompanied by Vincent Roussel, and with English-speaking investment funds and sovereign wealth funds, which are advised by Stéphane Zecevic and his teams.

LNQV has a department in charge of assisting the various parties involved in major real estate transactions under public economic law:

infrastructure construction and financing, asset devolution or restructuring and development of complex state-owned real estate complexes.

Whatever the client or the sector of activity, our expertise and our organisation enable us to listen to you and to provide you with relevant solutions well adapted to the case, while ensuring your legal security.

Our certifications


Our history

Created in 1587, our office had as its first notaire Maitre Claude Le Voyer. Since then, 26 tenants have succeeded one another. LNQV now has 11 notaires and nearly 40 employees, around the three partners: Frédéric Roiena, Vincent Roussel and Stéphane Zecevic.

Our commitments


Appointed ministerial officers by the public authority, we are your trusted partners. Our primary objective is to offer legal security to our clients to whom we provide a dedicated and specialised contact person. This person will be in charge of the case and will have as a priority the reliability and the proposal of adapted and long-lasting options.


 Innovation must be at the service of customers for greater speed and reliability: digitisation of authentic acts, data room, blockchain technology… We strive to find innovative solutions at the service of the customer.


Our firm works with French and international investors. We have developed a recognized expertise with German-speaking, Anglo-American and sovereign wealth funds. We assist foreign clients in their native language, particularly English, German, Russian, Spanish and Italian.


A different company

We position ourselves as a different company involved in a real CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach coordinated by our CSR manager for our customers, our employees and our actions.

A few examples:
We promote electronic authentic contracts to reduce our paper consumption and thus limit our environmental impact.
Under the aegis of our team-building manager, we offer our employees several events and other after works throughout the year. The involvement and well-being of our team is a priority.
The same goes for our clients, whom we support in particular through event sponsorships (special prizes for innovation).

LNQV supports the Fondation du Patrimoine and is also the originator of prizes and endowment funds, actions that are close to the hearts of the team members.

The firm is committed to safeguarding and promoting French heritage through essential causes. These include the preservation of forest and natural areas and the protection of historical and listed heritage.

The Fondation du Patrimoine supports 3000 projects each year and we are proud to be part of it. Our aim is to make culture accessible to all, but also to develop the local economy by creating jobs.