The team


lnqv – Notaires associes – Frederic Roiena

Frédéric Roiena

Partner since 1988 and then after the death of his partner, he became partner again in 1998 with Vincent Roussel and then in 2010 with Stéphane Zecevic. Frédéric Roiena is in charge of private clients. He manages this division with two other notaires, anxious to ensure a quality service and guaranteeing a tradition of privileged adviser to families. He is the 27th holder since … 1587!

Spoken languages: French, English, Italian

lnqv – Notaires associes – Vincent Roussel

Vincent Roussel

Partner since 1998, Vincent Roussel is the preferred contact for German-speaking investors. He is in charge of the Real Estate Investment and Promotion department and manages, together with three other notaires, the Office’s departments, which specialise in advising Institutional Investors, assisting public players and establishments, developing social housing and the Service specially dedicated to non-profit organisations and sponsorship activities.

 Vincent Roussel has been qualified by the School of Public-Private Partnerships of Paris II-Assas (class of Ferdinand de Lesseps) and is a Notaire Consultant in Environmental Law.

He is also Deputy Chairman of the “Cercle Franco-Allemand de l’Immobilier” (CFAI) and a member of the Royal Institution of the Chartered Surveyors (RICS).


Spoken languages: French, English, German, Russian

lnqv – Notaires associes – Stephane Zecevic

Stéphane Zecevic

Stéphane Zecevic is a Notaire since 2000, and Partner of LNQV since 2010. He advises English-speaking investment funds as well as sovereign wealth funds. With a team of three notaires, whose working languages are either French or English, Stéphane Zecevic has been assisting major Anglo-American, German, Dutch, Swiss, Norwegian and Asian operators for more than 20 years at every stage of their investments in France, for all types of assets.

Stéphane Zecevic is also a legal expert for the United Nations and an honorary member of the World Union of Notaries where he chaired for several years the working group dedicated to “partnerships with major international organisations”.


Spoken languages: French, English, Serbian, Spanish



lnqv – Notaires – Pour les entreprises – Caroline Guery

Caroline Guery

Financing, institutional investments and complex operations

lnqv – Notaires – Pour les entreprises – Damien Maerten

Damien Maerten

Real estate professionals, developers and land development

lnqv – Notaires – Pour les entreprises – Pierre-Antoine Odent

Pierre-Antoine Odent

Trade and mass distribution – institutional investments

lnqv – Notaires – Pour les entreprises – François Roussel

François Roussel

Mass distribution and hospitality sector
Innovative urban planning operations


lnqv – Adrien Berchebru_de Foucaud

Adrien Berchebru de Foucaud

Real estate

lnqv – Notaires – Pour les particuliers – Jules Clement

Jules Clément

Residential real estate and private investments

lnqv – Notaires – Pour les particuliers – Thibault Fosset

Thibault Fosset

Family and property law

lnqv – Notaires – Pour les particuliers – Pascal Simond

Pascal Simond

Family and property law

Heads of department

lnqv – Chefs de service – Benedicte Dangeard

Bénédicte Dangeard

Grands comptes institutionnels - Conseil aux
organismes à but non lucratif et acteurs de la

lnqv – Chefs de service – Clarisse Lewit

Clarisse Lewit

Programmes immobiliers d'habitation

Assistants notaires & jurists

Alessia Borriello

Berquis Bestvater

Institutional key accounts & real-estate investments
Manager of the Germany team

lnqv – Chefs de service – Clarisse Lewit

Anne-Carole Zouari

Distribution &  real-estate investments

Alessia Borriello

Hilzonde Pasquier

Real estate and financing

Alessia Borriello

Alessia Borriello

Complex real-estate & Investments
Also part of the Germany team for support

European Network


Berquis Bestvater


lnqv – Adrien Berchebru_de Foucaud

Adrien Berchebru de Foucaud



Natalia Fertikova


lnqv – reseau europeen – Marijana STEVANOVIC

Marijana Stevanović


Support function

lnqv – fonctions support – Thierry BOUCHOUX

Myriam Robert

Directeur Administratif et Financier

lnqv – fonctions support – Emmanuelle Navio

Emmanuelle Navio

Responsable publicité foncière et formalités légales

lnqv – fonctions support – Emmanuelle Navio

Hélène Duclerc

Office Manager